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Proudly serving the North Texas community, the Tarrant Literacy Coalition (TLC) empowers adult learners and those who teach them with high quality literacy services and resources so businesses can hire, people can work and families can thrive. Our Adult Education and Literacy Call Center provides information and referral services for adults who are looking for an adult literacy class:

  • Teachers, tutors, volunteers and community members trained (2021)
    Teachers, tutors, volunteers and community members trained (2021)


  • Volunteer Hours (2021)
    Volunteer Hours (2021)


  • Dollars Raised (2021)
    Dollars Raised (2021)


  • Callers referred into programs (2021)
    Callers referred into programs (2021)


Through our Literacy and Learning program, we offer training and technical support to literacy teachers, tutors and volunteers; our Project BEST program in White Settlement offers classes two nights a week to help prepare adults for the High School Equivalency exam; we help coordinate the  English language and citizenship classes at Agape Baptist Church on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday nights; and we work with LinkED and Literacy Connexus to offer LEARN for Life, a program in which volunteers tutor adults who need help to improve their reading skills.  All these classes are offered at no charge to the adult students. Free childcare is available for students enrolled in Project BEST and Agape adult education classes.  

To reach a staff members at the Coalition, please call our office. Our main number is 817-870-0082 and the Adult Education and Literacy Call Center is 817-402-7555. Both numbers are staffed weekdays; you may leave a message after hours and on weekends. Your call will be returned. You may also complete this form and we will contact you.

What's New

Late April 2022 marks one year since ETS HiSET announced that they would not renew their test offering in Texas for the next contract cycle. They stated 'a business decision' as the reason for not returning. In the months following that announcement, Tarrant Literacy Coalition staff doggedly pursued answers about why, especially when stakeholders around the state, and especially in Tarrant County, advocated tirelessly for test choice in the state from 2014-2016. Those answers, unfortunately, are unsatisfying.

As we discussed in parts one and two, Texas has both a dropout and prison epidemic. They each affect or are affected by the overall level of education in Texas. We want to shift focus to the economic impact of low educational attainment in both the nation and state. Most of the statistics we reference here compare individuals with less than a high school diploma or its equivalent (< HSD/E), with those who have a high school diploma or equivalent (HSD/E), to those with some college (SC), and those with a Bachelor's degree or higher (BD+).

 In part one, we wrote about how the number of adults taking and passing high school equivalency tests decreases because schools are doing a better job at ensuring children stay in school and complete their high school diplomas. We highlighted data that showed dropout rates are decreasing in Texas. However, the total number of dropouts is increasing as the population in the state increases. While the numbers show a shift towards a more positive outcome for youth, many adults still lack a diploma or equivalency certificate. One of the most concentrated populations suffering from low literacy is our incarcerated population.

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