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Do you offer classes at your office or do you provide "direct service?"

The Coalition DOES provide literacy instruction directly to the students. Our Project BEST program in White Settlement provides free classes two nights a week for those who are studying for the high school equivalency (HSE) exam. In addition, we partner with Fort Worth ISD to offer adult reading and writing classes four mornings a week at our literacy office location on Southwest Blvd. in Henderson Hall of Agape Baptist Church. We oversee English language classes in this same location on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday nights, in partnership with Hope Literacy and Agape Baptist Church. We also have a small tutoring program called LEARN - Literacy Education And Reading Network - which helps adults who need individual tutoring for reading instruction.

Each of these programs are staffed by volunteer instructors. If you'd like to volunteer, contact us. No prior teaching experience is required!

Our provider support also collects books and curriculum materials to give to the providers, which directly benefit the students immediately.

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