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Back to School

Back to School

Isn’t it exciting walking into a store and finding boxes of crayons on sell for 50¢ and spiral notebooks 10 for $1? I love walking down the school supply isles and examining the latest trends for grade school students. However, as the Fourth of July displays were coming down and the back to school displays were being set up, my thoughts were increasingly returning to my resuming GED class.
I wonder what the theme should be for this semester. I wonder what will benefit my students the most. Last semester, we focused on writing. During every class meeting the students’ assignments directed them to put pencil to paper and turn their thoughts into words.
One thought I have had, with the imminent changes to the GED, is how I can integrate computer literacy into my classroom. However, this desire seems just about impossible without a computer lab. Another thought I have been tinkering with, is if I could creatively integrate soft skills and work etiquette into my Language Arts lessons.
The start of a new semester brings so many possibilities; it is really quite exciting. If you or your organization are starting something new this semester, please share it. You never know when an idea you have had may spark a moment of creative genius for someone else.

Jennifer Rollins is an AmericorpsVISTA member and has served the Tarrant Literacy Coalition since November 2011. During that time she has assisted in teaching GED Language Arts at the White Settlement ISD Family Resource Center and is passionate about preparing her students well.

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